Premium woods including, Spruce, Larch & Thermowood complete with stainless steel. These exclusive wood-fired hot tubs require extremely low maintenance without the need for harmful chemicals.

Naked Flame Hot tubs are the perfect choice for affordability. The superior construction keeps your Hot Tub going for many years. Sizes suitable for all outdoor areas while the LuvTub is just perfect for couples.

Our premium Thermowood option has been through a unique heat treatment process meaning it will not shrink, swell or warp excessively, even when subjected to changing degrees of temperature and moisture.

For reassurance, all wood-fired hot tubs have a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Renowned for their prime insulating qualities, Super easy to install only needing a solid, level surface to sit on.

Lead time from full payment is 4-6 weeks as all tubs are hand=crafted and made to order.

Naked Flame EcoTub 1.8m 6/7 Adults