Naked Flame Eco-Tubs Limited are able to offer

finance packages to customer’s via their close relationship

with Leasing Programmes Limited,

an asset finance company based in Wellington, Somerset.


If you are looking to spread the cost

of your purchase through finance

with rates that reflect your business,

we can create a package to meet your requirements.

Leasing Programmes can provide a dedicated account manager,

excellent customer services and a promise to keep in touch

with you throughout the process.


There are many benefits to using finance, some are listed below;


·  Leasing Programmes are not owned by a bank

·  There is no capital outlay

·  Leaves existing borrowing lines intact

·  Finance helps cash flow forecasting

·  Upgrade options available

·  Leasing is inflation proof

·  Leasing cannot be withdrawn- unlike an overdraft.

·  Nor will the interest rate change mid lease

·  Tax Efficient


If you would like to know more

about the finance options available to you

please contact Emily Gibson at Leasing Programmes Limited

on 01823 663737

Or visit